Monday, August 30, 2010

24: A US Republican Party / GOP Platform?

Despite of being produced in the “Liberal Nexus” of America – i.e. Hollywood, is the TV series 24 nothing more than a media platform for the US Republican Party / GOP?

By: Ringo Bones

The mere fact that it airs on the FOX Network would have been the red flag that marks it as nothing more than just another media platform for the US Republican Party. Not to mention the oft-repeated salient themes of extraordinary renditions, belittling the Geneva Convention, ACLU, Amnesty International and what have you just to justify anti-terrorism goals – all of which do seem to look as if they are doing a comedy roast to every pacifist and humanitarian organizations on the face of the Earth. And yet the question remains whether the TV series 24 really serves as a RNC / GOP platform.

It does seem kind of odd that during the first season of 24, it promoted the idea of an African-American presidential candidate- then an elected president – and probably one of the first and few shows to do so. Just imagine if the actual Republican Party mimicking the “ideals” presented on 24, RNC Chairman Michael Steele would have been groomed for US Presidential Candidacy instead of being embroiled in a scandal when one of his credit cards was used in a strip joint called Voyeur Night Club that specializes in lesbian-themed S&M bondage “entertainment”.

So, does the TV series 24 truly qualify as a US Republican Party / GOP platform? Well, most of the time the series does “reiterate” the “inherent superiority” of White Anglo-Saxon Protestant values, and “liberal musicians” such as Greenday were only mentioned once during the first season. Never seen someone on the series played Veruca Salt’s “Loneliness is Worse” using an oud similar to that played by Hamza el-Din. And despite the occasional appearance of an ethnic minority or two, 24 seemed to appear “whiter” than 1995-era Friends. Unfortunately, most of the main characters were “liberal enough” to do the right thing. Something the US Republican Party circa 2010 seems incapable of – at the moment.