Monday, December 12, 2011

Herman Cain’s Failed US Presidential Bid: A Lost 24 Season?

Given that he’s probably the first African-American US Republican Party candidate with a credible shot at the White House, does Herman Cain’s failed US Presidential Campaign eerily looks like a lost season of the TV series 24?

By: Ringo Bones

Do you find it weird that real life – more often than not – tends to imitate art? But the truth may be stranger than fiction when it comes to the first African-American GOP hopeful and Godfather’s Pizza CEO named Herman Cain who – since now disgraced by a string of sexual harassment allegations that just a few months ago came out – seems to mimic the first season of 24. But is it really?

Sadly, Herman Cain’s real-life “Jack Bauer” was probably one of the needless casualties of former US President George W. Bush’s ill-advised mission to search for WMDs in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq back in March 2003. Herman Cain probably lost his “Jack Bauer” in George W. Bush’s malfeasantly-run Operation Iraqi Freedom. Who knows if Herman Cain’s real-life Jack Bauer could have saved him from sexual harassment allegations and an alleged 13-year-long extra-marital affair? We may never know.