Saturday, December 19, 2015

A 24 Without Jack Bauer?

Maybe it was due to the producers taking advice form overpaid Madison Avenue focus groups but would 24 still be a hit without Jack Bauer? 

By: Ringo Bones 

Given the relatively unseemly success of 24 Live Another Day back in 2014, the iconic TV show’s producers had probably been paying overpaid Madison Avenue focus groups because back in June 2015, there had been “rumors” of yet a new 24 season – but this time without Jack Bauer – because he will be replaced by someone younger. And rumor has it that he will either be a Sig Sauer wielding Justin Bieber or Nick Jonas like character. But given my recent encounter with online trolls, I dared not check out the online postings in fear of unnecessary angst. But will a 24 without Jack Bauer still work with the fans and the shows advertisers? 

Capturing the whims of the current 18 to 24 TV viewing demographic can be a risky business. Just look at the cancelled shows that barely lasted a single season put forth by Fox and others since the start of the 21st Century. At present, TV shows that have been tailored by overpaid Madison Avenue focus groups to allegedly capture the 18-24 year old demographic are more often than not, unwatchable to anyone who were old enough to experience the Ronald Reagan Administration first hand. 

A 24 without Jack Bauer may be a day without sunshine to the dedicated fan but given the statistical likelyhood of reboots becoming an economically viable success is just too hard to ignore. Sadly, millennials with the requisite disposable income and time to watch these newfangled TV series had been described as having the dedication but not the conviction. This would likely result in half-empty convention halls when fan convention time comes around. Maybe the producers of 24 need a healthy dose of cynicism if they ever with for a reboot that would satisfy both new fans and those who have grown to love the show since the first season aired.