Sunday, December 25, 2016

Will There Be A 24 – the Donald J. Trump Presidential Season?

Even though the iconic series is now ended, would a “special” Donald J. Trump season of 24 prove to be the most exciting season of 24 ever?

By: Ringo Bones  

Given the real-life Russian hacking said to have been the primary reason why he got elected to the presidency, many a 24 TV series fan are probably wondering if there will ever be a Donald J. Trump based season of 24 to be released. If it does it would probably be the most exciting and gripping season of 24 in comparison to what have came before. 

Picture this, a very unpopular US presidential candidate with strong ties to a despotic Kremlin administration who got elected to the US presidency with the help of top-tier Russian computer hackers working under the behest of a despotic Russian strongman that ignited almost daily violent demonstrations across the United States since being inaugurated. Reactivated CTU agent Jack Bauer now uncovers a “rogue” faction of the U.S. Secret Service with plans to assassinate the elected unpopular US president and agent Bauer then decides that what’s best for America is for the assassination to go ahead. It may be too politically contentious in the current political climate, but given the right director and guest stars, it would prove to be the most exciting and gripping season of 24 compared to what has gone before. 

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